2024 Australian Mental Health Prize

Nominations for the 2024 Australian Mental Health Prize are now open.

The Australian Mental Health Prize, a prestigious award recognising outstanding contributions to mental health advocacy, research, and service provision, is pleased to announce that nominations for 2024 are now open. Established in 2016 by UNSW Sydney, the prize aims to honour individuals who have made significant strides in promoting mental health awareness and supporting those affected by mental illness across Australia. 

From researchers pioneering innovative treatments to community advocates challenging stigma and policymakers championing mental health reform, the prize seeks to celebrate diverse contributions to this crucial field. 

Recognising Leaders in Mental Health:

Professor Allan Fels AO, co-chair of the Australian Mental Health Prize Advisory Committee, urges policymakers, healthcare providers, and communities to prioritise the recognition of important work being undertaken across the country to support the mental well-being of all Australians. 

"The recognition of outstanding contributions to mental health through the Prize serves as a catalyst for raising awareness and driving action to address the critical mental health challenges facing our nation. We are encouraging nominations from every state and territory across Australia," emphasises Professor Fels. 

Co-chair of the Australian Mental Health Prize Committee, Lucy Brogden AM, stresses the importance of recognising the collective effort in mental health advocacy: "Mental health affects us all, and it's through collective action and recognition that we can drive meaningful change. The Australian Mental Health Prize provides a platform to celebrate the tireless efforts of individuals across the country working towards a mentally healthier Australia." 

Platform for mental health is strongly supported by UNSW 

The Australian Mental Health Prize was established in 2016 by UNSW Sydney and is overseen by an Advisory Group comprised of eminent Australians from diverse fields connected to mental health.  

Henry Brodaty AO, Scientia Professor of Ageing and Mental Health at UNSW Medicine and Health, states "The initiation of nominations for the Australian Mental Health Prize serves as a poignant reminder of the imperative to tackle the mental health hurdles confronting our nation. Through honouring individuals making significant strides in this domain, we not only elevate awareness of the issue but also ignite inspiration for others to contribute towards meaningful change." 

Nominations will remain open until Monday 8 July 2024 6pm AEST.

Who will you nominate?

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you need to find someone to nominate you for the prize.

Yes, past finalists and nominees are welcome to submit a new nomination for 2024.

Yes you will need to confirm with your nominee that they are happy to be nominated for the prize.

Nominations close Monday 8 July 6pm AEST.

Please see the questions below.

  1. Please describe the nominee’s contribution to mental health awareness and/or prevention and/or treatment of mental illness:
  2. Summarise in a few sentences the main reasons why you believe your nominee would be a worthy recipient of the Australian Mental Health Prize
  3. Describe in some detail how your nominee has made contributions to the awareness, prevention and/or treatment of mental health in Australia (and, if relevant, internationally). You can address each of these aspects separately. Please give some verifiable examples of their contributions.
  4. Additional information on the impact of their efforts.
    If possible, please provide evidence of the impact of this contribution on the mental health of the community.
  5. Other awards. Please list any other awards the nominee has received in relation to their efforts in this field.
  6. Other comments. Anything else you would like the judges to consider.

Referee details are optional although one or two referees or references will strengthen the nomination. You can provide contact details or upload a reference letter.

When do nominations close?

Nominations close on Monday 8 July at 6pm AEST

Please contact us for any queries regarding the nomination requirements. We are at austmhprize@unsw.edu.au.

Nominations are now open for the 2024 Australian Mental Health Prize.